The Art & Science of Functional Nutrition

  Nutrition Plans Personalized for You


What Is Functional Nutrition?

Functional Nutrition utilizes a careful health history and labs to learn how you are biochemically unique, and develop a plan to support normal healing of your body. Rather than asking what to take to get rid of symptom, we ask, Why do you have this problem in the first place?


Pregnant and wondering how to nourish baby and you? Want to facilitate natural, healthful labor? Plan on breastfeeding and need to up your nutrition game?  A new mom with more questions than answers?  We’ll create a Mom & Baby Plan based on nutritional science and wisdom just for you.

Women’s Wellness

Wish you could thrive instead of feel tired all the time? Know you should be eating better but can’t seem to manage on your busy schedule? Trying to start a family and want to give your fertility a boost? We put nutritional science and lifestyle guidance together to optimize wellness for you.